Case Study

Artis Trade Invest

Sector:Investment Management / Investment Fund
Services:Brand strategy, Marketing strategy, Website development, Design, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, PR, Email marketing, Graphic design

Artis Trade Invest is an alternative investment fund that focuses on global trade finance assets. The founder, with over 30 years of experience in trade and finance, recognised the untapped potential in this underserved market, establishing the fund during the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. With internal resources focussed on the complex fund incorporation process, the founder wanted to capitalise on the $2+ trillion trade finance gap opportunity sooner rather than later, so sought a trusted, specialist agency to help launch the fund to market.

The Challenge

Artis Trade Invest had existing relationships with an agency that had produced low-quality branding, a one-page website, and generic LinkedIn communications to date. The existing website and communications were detrimental to the brand, as they did not reflect the professional standing and trustworthiness of the fund. Other than the existing website, the client had minimal digital presence and little offline activity to engage with investors. With no internal marketing expertise, they sought 3rd party assistance to develop and implement their entire marketing function. Additionally, the client required specialist knowledge of the financial industry to ensure communications were appropriate for their target audience and met the industries compliance requirements.

The Solution

We came highly recommended to Artis Trade Invest from another investment manager client of ours. From the outset, we worked with their internal teams to deliver a seamless marketing function, as though an extension of their own team. We developed a robust marketing strategy to launch the brand properly and engage with potential investors into the fund. Backed by deep research and our inherent understanding of the alternative investment niche, our strategy covered the entire marketing mix – from digital through to offline speaking events.

We completely rebranded the business, professionalising their presentation to the market with a brand identity that reflected their expertise and would be trusted and taken seriously by investors. This included redesigning their logo, implementing a revised colour palette, and developing a unique image treatment to personalise all of their photography, so their communications would be instantly recognisable across all marketing channels. To complement this, we developed a new, comprehensive website to showcase their expertise and provide detailed information on the fund. The website was developed to support all digital marketing initiatives, including SEO, social media activity, content marketing, and inbound activities.

After launching the brand and website, we continued to implement the marketing strategy by delivering communications to a target audience and potential investors across multiple channels. These include an innovative LinkedIn outreach strategy, content marketing, social media as well as printed collateral and offline activities.

Having established a successful marketing function, we continue to manage Artis Trade Invest’s entire marketing activities, working closely with the Managing Director and key stakeholders. Our ongoing efforts increase the fund’s brand reach, engage with investors, and raise its visibility in the market. In doing so, we have helped Artis Trade Invest establish a strong and credible presence in the specialist investment market.