Case Study

Arjan Capital

Sector:Corporate Finance / Financial Advisory Services
Services:Branding, Marketing Strategy, Website Development, Graphic Design, Social Media

Arjan Capital is an established Corporate Finance, Trade, and Payment Advisory consultancy. With a strong track record in providing advice to businesses operating in complex Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries, Arjan Capital sought to expand its operations and apply its expertise to new markets. Specialising in assisting international companies navigating financial, compliance, and operational challenges, Arjan Capital offers regional knowledge and a network of local partners with specialised expertise. Arjan Capital is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

The Challenge

Arjan Capital faced the challenge of operating in markets with varying levels of international sanctions, leading them to explore alternative regions for growth. This necessitated reimagining their narrative and positioning to distance themselves from their previous markets. Their existing brand and website, though effective in the past, required a complete refresh to align with their repositioning and growth aspirations. Arjan Capital relied on an existing client network, referrals and historic PR, making it crucial to develop a robust marketing strategy to reach new audiences. With no internal marketing resources, they sought external support from conceptualisation through launch and ongoing marketing efforts.

The Solution

The Forge Partnership embarked on a comprehensive analysis of Arjan Capital’s existing brand and website. Collaborating closely with their team, it was determined that a complete rebrand would not be appropriate, as it would disconnect the organisation from its historical roots. Instead, a modernisation and refreshment of the brand were proposed to reflect the current state of the organisation and the types of clients they now serve. The website also needed to be revamped to showcase the expanded range of services Arjan Capital offers and their ability to support global businesses with trade and financial requirements.

A new narrative was developed, emphasising Arjan Capital’s expertise in assisting companies facing complex trade and financial situations, rather than focusing solely on specific regions or countries. The website was redesigned to provide clear information about their services, the markets they operate in, and featured anonymised case studies to demonstrate the value they offer to clients. A new visual style was created to revitalise the brand, which was applied consistently across all digital touch-points, ensuring instant recognition for Arjan Capital’s communications.

The Forge Partnership also revitalised Arjan Capital’s social media presence and implemented an ongoing strategy to drive brand awareness. In addition, support was provided to the Managing Director in building his personal brand through LinkedIn outreach, resulting in a significant increase in his network and engagement with potential clients.